From Patti- Easter–Memories Old and New

Easter–Memories Old and New

        Our family is shrinking–five living at home, one in town, two working far away; one out of state and the other in Guatemala, and two away at school; one out of state the other in the Caribbean.  Seven might seem big enough but for us, it leaves holes that we fill with memories. We still enjoy our time together and creating more memories.  When you have a large family that spans 18 years, it means you can’t stop yet.
        There are so many moments where we must rerun and repeat.  I’m on my second go-round with Little House on the Prairie books at night. Same with many of the saint stories.  We can’t stop sledding or flying kits and so many other things such as Easter eggs hunts.   There’s an excitement for the little ones waiting for an Easter egg hunt. I don’t want to lose that so I keep the older kids involved.  To make it just as exciting for them, we put quarters and dollar bills in the eggs (It’s a $30 investment) and I save little trinkets and on-sale bargains to bring out for this occasion. By putting numbered papers in the eggs, the kids taking turns picking from my table of goodies.  Otherwise, we don’t do Easter baskets–just this fun little time together.  The older kids have as much fun as the younger ones because we are a competitive bunch.
        We went to the 2 1/2 hour Easter Vigil Mass and I loved every minute of the pomp and glory to await for the moment we could celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.  Lent is behind us and finally, the snow has melted in North Dakota. It was a long time coming this year.  In families, there are always new beginnings too. We have are periods in the desert and our Lents that come with the struggles of life in this world. But always, through Christ, there are resurrections and new beginnings.  Happy Easter!  May the joy of the resurrection bless you this season.
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