Just For Fun

Have you heard of child prodigy Akiane? Her mother Foreli gave an exclusive interview to Patti for inclusion in “Stories for the Homeschool Heart”. Below is the You Tube background on Akiane… The story entitled “The Faith of a Child” starts on page 127 in the book.  Check out the painting she did entitled “Prince of Peace”.

She stated, “The light side of His face represents heaven. And the dark side represents suffering on eart. His light eye in the dark shows that He is with us in all our troubles, and that He is the Light when we need Him.”



In the book, we have an amazing example of God’s provision and care . . . even in the sky! The story “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, in the chapter entitled “By the Grace of God”, ends (appropriately) with a rainbow. Here’s the color photo of this reminder of grace. After you read the pilot’s story check back here for the full effect (couldn’t do full color in the book).


From time to time we’ll be sharing some items “just for fun”!

Some of the fun of creating this book was including cartoons that reflect our lives as homeschooling mothers. We’re happy to be able to include this one here in full-color! Thanks to the artist, Melissa, age 15.

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