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The end of summer always took my breath away- I wrote this at the end of last summer-

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Oh Summer, Where Have You Gone?

Oh Summer!

Where have you gone?

Ffft, ffft, ffft, of the sprinkler, fading

Tiny toes, squishing through the green grass

Chubby speckled toads greeting wet dew, shaded



Plump, dappled zucchini lugged in like prizes

Grating the vegetable

Licking the spoon

Sweet sugar and spice and everything nice

in a bowl


too soon.

Tightly wrapped treasures in tinfoil

Taken to Grandmas again

and again

Some hidden in the freezer for winter’s wait

when wistful thoughts come back to


Streaks in the sky

Fourth of July

Cousins chasing, “You’re It!”



May I have a lemonade? Where are my shoes? Another cookie please?

It’s hot.

Sticky porch, sticky fingers, sticky air

I care

But I don’t.

Tanned skin

and hair with streaks of sun kisses

Lingering lights and a bedtime too late

Yet not.

White wicker porched respite rejuvenates

Wet towels lined up like soggy soldiers in the sun

Warm and dry and crinkled they offer one more round of sprinkler sprints

Now done.

This baby will never be one again.

This toddler never three.

This new teenager giggles with the five year old

Where do they get their energy?

Mother muses.

Her mother wanted to know too, 30 years before,

and her grandmother, 60 years prior

A wave of women wondered. . . and watched.

A rhythm.

A season.

A time.

Sneakily moving forward without alarm,

until it is here.

Snapshots in my mind, to be kept forever,

or as long as I remember.

Pictures keep what memory cannot;

Memory keeps what pictures forgot.

Daughter’s hair is curly and messy

The breeze makes her pull the stray strands away from her face

I see the profile of a young woman, in a child’s form

In an instant it reverts, yet I know I will see it again.

Oh Summer! Where have you gone?

Tarry a bit longer….

Soon your arms will be

Fading into the dawn of autumn.


–T. Thomas

1 Response to Theresa’s Page

  1. Katie Fineske says:

    Hi Theresa,

    My name is Katie. I am a 32 year old mother of a 6 year old boy, 3 year old girl, and we are expecting baby #3 in April. I came across your book from investigating Patti’s website after hearing her speak on EWTN. After seeing the book title, cover, and your name, I immediately recognized it from when your parents (proudly;) shared it with me when we visited with them this past November. Our son is battling brain cancer, and his occupational therapist who knew about our families Catholic faith that has sustained us these past months as well as our devotion to the Blessed Mother and Arch Angel St. Rapheal, told us about your father and his gift of healing. Your parents welcomed myself, my husband, and our children into their home in November where they shared many if their experiences, pictures, and miracles with us. It was a great joy to meet them and an incredible experience to pray with them. We are confident that the Lord is healing our son, and the evidence abounds as we watch Jim progress with each padding day.
    The reason for my email is that I’m seriously considering home schooling my children. I have a bit of an education background as I have worked with children in schools as a speech therapist the past 8 years, and am doing some now as my son is receiving home bound services due to illness, and I feel the need to supplement quite a bit on my own. Catholic education is very important to us (he was enrolled to be in a catholic school for kindergarten before he became ill), and maintaining our faith as the center of our life has taken on a whole new importance to us.
    My question to you, can you recommend resources for me to prayerfully determine if the home school route is where the Lord is leading us, and is so, can you recommend a great or a few great curriculums, especially for the preschool, Kindergarten, and early elementary ages? I have the “little Saints” preschool program, but my daughter is kind of beyond much if the academic parts of it and it seems like pretty heavy prep. I would be so grateful for some recommendations from a pro! Thanks so much! Katie in Ohio.

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