As summer comes to a close and a new school year beckons, we would like to say WELCOME to Stories for the Homeschool Heart! We are so glad you stopped by!

In God’s perfect timing, just as the warm weather is at its height and our thoughts turn to yet another school year, our book is being released to you.  Hopefully, it will provide you with laughter and musings that will be a joyous addition to your already busy, hectic, blessed life. The book was written much like the way we imagine you will read it: in between loads of laundry and teaching lessons, perhaps in the uncomfortable chair in the dentist’s waiting room, or if luck holds out, in the soft rocker, nursing a baby.

We know your most important job is being mommy and teacher to the children who simultaneously challenge and bless you. We’d like to fortify you in that job, offer hope, prayer, laughter and inspiration. So, sit back and enjoy…until the baby wakes or the dryer buzzes, or your little one tugs on your sleeve with a book in his hand and says, “Read mommy?”. Then go ahead and take care of what leads to sanctification and joy–your home and your family. We understand. We’ve done it ourselves.

God bless!

–Patti and Theresa

What is exactly is Stories for the Homeschool Heart?



STORIES FOR THE HOMESCHOOL HEART: Amazing Stories of Challenge and Triumph! (and a little bit of fun too!)

 Stories for the Homeschool Heart will wrap you warmly in a blanket of faith, love and inspiration. You will be amazed and perhaps moved to tears…or laughter; but most of all you will come away recommitted to following God’s call to lead your children to Him.

 In Stories for the Homeschool Heart you will:

 • Read how ‘Rachel’ experienced healing after abuse and abortion…

• Share the joy of a military family who brought home two precious sons from Russia…

• Read how Mary’s family struggled to discern God’s will and went happily from riches to rags…

• Laugh when you see how a wayward duckling led the way for Patti and her family…

• See how Luke chased butterflies all the way to Guatemala…

• Learn how God led Theresa through the experience of cancer, with renewed hope and a new baby…

You will also find out what husbands say (and should not say!) to their homeschooling wives….and how an atheist girl led her family to the Christian faith and became a world-renowned artist.

Stories for the Homeschool Heart is compiled and edited by Patti Maguire Armstrong and Theresa A. Thomas


 Patti and Theresa are available can speak to a variety of topics including:

  • Pep Talk for Moms: Finding Inspiration in Your Daily Life
  • Raising Catholic Kids
  • Living to Your Full Spiritual Potential
  • Catholic Hand-Me-Downs: Passing on the Faith
  • Amazing Moms: Profiles of Women from the Homeschool Heart Book
  • Adoptive Parenting: A Call to Love
  • Walking with God through Illness

See the “Book Chats” page for more ideas.

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