Peeking into a Thomas Easter-

I must have uploaded these pics in reverse order so please bear with me– first, (should be last) is the six year old after the huge Easter breakfast. She was supposed to be upstairs brushing her teeth and putting on her Easter dress. I found her wiped out on her bed, “full” and “just resting”.

Our traditional ‘Lamb of God’ pound cake-

Poppyseed bread… with lemon icing….

And here is Holy Saturday Easter egg decorating-

When we went to Easter Mass this year (11 a.m. Sunday- our tradition), my 13 year old gasped at seeing the beautiful altar. Of course we always expect it, but there is nothing like the white linen and burst of Easter flowers. The talk in the car on the way to Mass was wondering which “Alleluia” might be sung- each girl has her own favorite-  Mass was simply beautiful and I’m happy to say that we got there in plenty of time to sit together, although my husband did give up his seat for a young mom with a baby so I got to coo and smile at that precious bundle. This is the first year we did not take a traditional Easter picture- with the family in front of the altar at Mass or outside. We were missing our oldest son, who lives and works in California and could not be with us. It just didn’t seem right taking a pic without him.

Hope your Easter was wonderful. God bless!


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2 Responses to Peeking into a Thomas Easter-

  1. Barbara says:

    Happy Eastertide, Theresa!

  2. Wow! That’s an amazing breakfast! I would have needed a rest, too. 🙂

    I went to vigil mass. I love the candles, and the lights coming up to see the beautiful altar – and of course, hearing the sweet sound of Alleluia sung in church again.

    Thank you for sharing your Easter.

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