Book Chats

Have Book, Will Travel (via phone or Skype)

We’d love to join you and your group– of ten or more people– for a book chat! If we can find a time that works well with your group and with one of us we’ll make it happen!  All that’s needed is a speaker phone or a computer with Skype.  We can chat 15 or 30 minutes. It is generally best that everyone has finished reading  the book before the chat takes place,  and has a copy of it in front of her during the chat itself so we all start literally “on the same page”. You pick the chat topic based on the book…or we can suggest one!

To email either author to discuss the possibility of a book chat, click the About the Authors/Editors page and put “BOOK CHAT INQUIRY” in the subject line.


Here are the book chapters to get you started thinking about topics!

 Chapter One:  It’s All About the Love

Chapter Two:  Homeschooling?

Chapter Three:  Surprises Around Every Corner

Chapter Four:  By the Grace of God

Chapter Five:  Lessons Learned

Chapter Six:  Faith

Chapter Seven:  The Lighter Side

Chapter Eight:  Prayers Answered

Chapter Nine:  It’s Not Always Easy

Chapter Ten:  Family First

Chapter Eleven:  Learning Never Ends

As a sample, let’s take a look at the stories in Chapter One, their messages and possible discussion topics.

 Chapter One: It’s All About the Love

 Beating the Labels

(Looking past the labels that society places on our children to see and love them the way God does)

 The Trick of Becoming a Saint

 (Well, what IS it?)

 Better than I Planned

 (Sometimes things don’t go our way but with openness and the right attitude, things can turn out better than we planned!)

 The Choice I Made

(Life is full of choices. How do we choose wisely? Am I making  the right decisions?)

 With Love From Russia

 (How do I know if God is calling our family to adoption? Can I really homeschool through the tumultuous process? How does homeschooling benefit everyone while a new family is settling in?)

 Set to Sail

 (Letting go can be the hardest thing to do, but it’s necessary for our child’s growth and development. How do we handle this with grace?)

 Mom’s Day Off

(Need we say more?)

 Our Faith, Small but Mighty

 (How a little girl affected her family’s homeschooling and changed her entire family’s outlook on life. How can struggles strengthen us?)

Other stories in the book make us ask these questions:

— How can you homeschool through a crisis such as family death or serious illness like cancer?

— Let’s talk birth control. Can you really trust God to “size” your family?

 –Educational studies abroad: How can the experience of one high school or college aged student benefit a whole family?

These are only a few ideas and this is just the first chapter!!!

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