Our Amazing Contributors

Thank You to All Our Wonderful Story Contributors!

Without you, this book truly would not have been possible. We appreciate you sharing your lives and stories, hope, inspiration and humor with us!


Donna and Calvin Bader

Melissa White-Contreras with Mary Saltzmann

Mary Ann Kavanagh

Lisa Marie Duda

Stephanie Hubbel

Mary Biever

Dennis and Angela Roller

Annette Dubin

Angie Kauffman

Amy Pautsch

Gerald and Denise Montpetit

Katherine Collins

Leticia Velasquez

Nellie Edwards

Susan Braun

Margaret Berns

Joan Gilmore

Chris Armshaw

Anita Usher

Elizabeth M. Matthews

Margaret Mary Myers

Mary Brown

Erin Ryal

Alice Kompar

Nino Vitale

Maria van den Bosch

Nikki Schaefer

Rachel Watkins

Mary Kochan

Virginia Dolajak

Foreli Kramarik

Anissa Gartner

Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

Rosemary Bogdan

Cay Gibson

Margaret Berns

Tim Bete

Zoe Federoff


Delma Atwell

Deborah Lynn (Corno) Porfiri

Pam Milos

Lynanne Lasota

Kristen Trepanier-Henry

Nancy Carpentier Brown

Rita Munn

Cheryl Murphy

Kristen Laurence

Elizabeth Foss

Fr. John Hardon

Lori Massa

Jenny James

Ruth Beier

Kim Fry


Alice Gunther

Leon Suprenant

Christine Capolino

Mary Stutzman

Darlene Neilson

Caroline Thomas

Luke Maguire Armstrong

John Clark

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Melissa Thomas

Sarah Storick

Joan Steck


4 Responses to Our Amazing Contributors

  1. Lisa Marie Duda says:

    Dear Patti and Theresa,

    How exciting that it is finished! You two worked so hard putting it together! Thank you so much for allowing me to share one of my stories! God Bless You!!!


  2. Lisa Marie Duda says:

    *PS~ Can’t wait to read it!!!! 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    So excited! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  4. Lisa Melnick says:

    I am really looking foward to reading this book.

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