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How should we pray for our children?

Read HERE  How to give your children the best gift ever, your prayers.

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The Power in Being Gentle: give this gift to your family

“….What an amazing power the mother of a family has on the lives of her husband and children. If only all mothers knew this and could harness this gentle power right, how much better everyone in the family would be…” … Continue reading

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What a Blessing to Have Been Given a Second Chance-

I messed up the first opportunity I was given. But God is kind and offered me a second chance. Here.  Please tell me what you think at TheresaThomasEverydayCatholic <at> gmail <dot> com  

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Words with a Friend

When I logged onto the game app Words with Friends, I didn’t know the impact my words could actually have. He was thinking of killing himself. Could I help? “Look,” I typed, “don’t you dare give up. I promise there … Continue reading

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Picking Paint and Mysteries in the Hardware Store-

The mysteries of life- and God- are found and answered in the most unusual places. Here, the author discovers truth in a hardware store, in the paint aisle. Continue reading

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How to Succeed (and dance through life)

Be Ready. Pay attention. Concentrate. Wait your turn. Then just TRY! Isn’t that all there is to it anyway? And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:4)

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