“How do you do it?”

Busy mothers hear this all the time. Time management is an important yet elusive goal. Everyone wants to know “the secret.” I’ve been blessed to know some very holy and efficient mothers. Let me introduce a couple to you and then we’ll talk strategy.

My mother had 13 children, yet always found time to read to us, spend time with us and do special projects with us. I remember taking ceramics classes with her, a self-defense class with her, spending time baking with her, and just chatting over coffee with her. Yet, she is known for her immaculate house and penchant for perfectly ironed clothes. Mom (and Dad) also found time to foster parent, and made time to welcome into their home a couple of unwed pregnant teenagers for a short time.

Mom is not an organization-joiner. You won’t find her name on the board of directors of any agencies. She is what I call a “fill-in-the-gapper.” Mom’s strategy is like the Nike advertisement slogan: Just Do It. She doesn’t fret a lot about how she is going to accomplish her many duties. She simply prioritizes, makes a list and digs in.



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