Top Ten Things to Do With the Homeschool Heart Book

10. Read it, silly! That’s what you bought it for, right?

9. Pass it to a friend so she can read it too-

8. Buy one for your little sister who is thinking about homeschooling her kids

7. Give one to your nosy neighbor as a peace offering. Maybe she’ll stop bugging you to put your kids in school.

6. Donate a copy to your parish resource center

5. Drop one off at the library- you never know who you might inspire!

4. Share it with your mother-in-law who is doubting you

3. Baby shower gift!

2. Start reading it with friends- book club!

1. Fold back the pages to your favorite stories in the book,  and pull it out on a difficult school day–Remember what amazing and wonderful things God will give you the strength to do!!

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