Simple Woman’s Daybook April 11, 2011

This is Theresa- I’m going to ask Patti to fill in her thoughts for next week….

For Today…

Outside my window…it is dark, at evening’s end. There is a warm, wet wind that whispers, “spring is near….”
I am thinking…. about my grown children far away….what are they doing right now? What are they thinking? What do they need? What can I give? I offer a prayer….


I am thankful for…the little girl resting on my arm, sleeping, as I type, with her hands tucked under her face and her still wet, showered hair, she looks like an angel.
From the learning rooms…. it is quiet. The lights are out. Pencils and puzzles are put away, until morning.
From the kitchen….I hear the clamor of dishes. The older girls have just arrived at home from ballet with their dad. They are heaping piles of garlic noodles and kale, and tomato- stuffed mozarella chicken onto paper plates, I am sure.
I am wearing…a breezy black and white floral skirt, black stretchy short sleeved shirt with a thin cotton sweater.  My sandals have been kicked off and my toes are resting comfortably under the covers as I snuggle next to my small daughter.
I am creating…a snapshot of this exact moment in my mind.
I am going…to slip into bed early, shortly. I am going to savor the crisp cotton sheets and embrace the rest God has given as a gift.
I am reading…“An Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto. Some say it is depressing. I find it supportive in my vocation of a homeschooling mother, and hopeful for the future as I imagine other mothers hoping and striving and working for the same thing I want for my children.
I am hoping…. for the motivation to keep to my goals tomorrow of thorough housecleaning and inspired teaching. I am also hoping to get in some exercise.
I am hearing… the fan blowing in this room. If I close my eyes I am transported back to being nine and the same fan-sound drowning out the noise of neighborhood boys dribbling the basketball. I also hear the squeaky bed as the other little girl in the room nestles in for the night and closes her eyes for sweet dreams…
Around the house…. my 18 year old son is winding down for the evening. Talking to his dad who is now putting dishes away. The older girls are now showering and getting ready for bed.
One of my favorite things….   is the smell of fresh clean pillowcases and the hum of the fan….
A few plans for the rest of the week… include catching up on work after a few days visiting the college kids, ordering seeds, and sending out graduation announcements for my two sons- one graduating from college- the other from high school…
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…
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2 Responses to Simple Woman’s Daybook April 11, 2011

  1. Nice, Theresa. I will have to be thinking of what to share from my home. Your house sounds quieter than mine.

  2. Patti- I can’t wait to read it! You caught me in that calm, drowsy, wonderful time right before bed…. 🙂

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